We have the key to success in our hands!


Wornbyacelebrity was founded by our CEO who was the caregiver of her Aunt that passed away from pancreatic cancer. The mission of Wornbyacelebrity is to provide survivors (disabled/non-disabled) with services ie. butler, maid, chef, etc. while they are undergoing treatment and allow those who have already gone through treatment to feel like a celebrity for a day by participating in the annual "Survivors on the Runway" event.  At the Survivors on the Runway event, Ultimate Survivors King, Queen & Princess are chosen to be ambassadors in the community to bring awareness about cancer, helping to finding a cure, how surviving cancer is an attitude about life and that everyday can be meaningful and productive after a diagnosis. We are confident that the mission of being a successful well-known and respected company will continue throughout the years. Through grassroots efforts that includes volunteers to help with fundraising, survivor event assistance, etc., we are able to fulfill our mission. Helping and giving back to the community will always be paramount and our priority. $2 from every ticket sold will go to American Cancer Society.


Our goal is to open offices in major cities across the nation in order to make dreams come true for individuals who have survived a major crisis feel like a celebrity for at least one day in their life.  We will also strive to maintain the highest quality standards for the products/services offered to our consumers, produce phenomenal fundraising events, provide superior customer service, promote an inclusive workplace and create jobs in the community.


Wornbyacelebrity was founded by our CEO who was the caregiver of her Aunt that passed away from pancreatic cancer. Bridgette Elliott, CEO of, was previously featured in Success South Florida Magazine's 2010 "25 Most Prominent & Influential Black Women", Program Success Magazine, the Miami Style Magazine, Bellamondos Magazine, and South Florida Times Newspaper. A little known fact about Ms. Elliott is that her background is in the legal field, she has served as a Board of Director for various organizations and was even featured in the South Florida Business Journal as being the first African American President for the Bankruptcy Legal Assistants Association, Southern District of Florida. Always an entrepreneur at heart, Ms. Elliott owned a retail store in South Florida and is a self-published author. Currently, Ms. Elliott’s experience in TV spans from TV advertising/marketing/sales, event coordinator/director, editor/writer for TV network small business magazine, on air model, TV host, and hands on experience in producing commercials and live TV shows for a national television network.

Ms. Elliott also produces shows to benefit various charities. Bringing awareness to different medical diseases all with the goal of positively impacting the community by empowering individuals about signs, symptoms, eating healthy, utilizing natural/organic makeup and products, holistic approaches, etc. are delivered to the audience by doctors, nurses, and other experts in their field. Ms. Elliott’s experience in producing pageants and fashion shows has allowed her to bring two worlds together in her upcoming events to give survivors (non-disabled and disabled) the opportunity to celebrate life on the runway and treating them like celebrities for a day.  It is a win-win situation for everyone!